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Former Klarna and iZettle Execs are putting pressure on financing costs
A new service lowers consumers' loan costs with 74 percent
Left Klarna and Izettle – Anyfin takes in 48 million SEK to lower interest rates.
Refinance your existing loans by taking a photo

As easy as taking a selfie

Upload your statement

Send us a photo of your latest credit card or loan stamement through any of our channels.

Approve your new terms

If we can lower your costs, we send you a new offer with better terms. You review the offer and if you like it, you approve our terms.

Relax - you're all set!

We take care of the rest. We pay off your old debt and issue a new loan with better terms. You can sit back, relax and do something fun with your savings instead.

Out with the old. In with the new.

We use AI and the newest technology. That way we save a lot of time and can give better interest rates.Read more

Do like thousands of others

See what you can save with Anyfin, on average we have lowered our customers' interest expenses by more than 50%
For example, you save 4 410 kr in 24 months if you refinance a loan of 25 000 kr with us. In this case, the floating interest rate changes from 19,90% to 5,95% and the administrative fees go down from 39 kr to 19 kr. The new effective interest rate is 7,90% and the monthly cost is 1 126 kr.

Anyfin is at home on your phone

The new Anyfin app lets you be in control. It's even easier to get started with lowering your financing costs. Get a better overview of your current loans and get reminded when it's time to pay your monthly bill.

Honesty goes a long way

We do not use hidden fees or complex contract terms which are difficult to understand. You can pay back anytime free of charge. Learn more about our mission to change the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of loans can I refinance?
Consument credit loans up to 100 000 kr, such as unsecured debt, payments, credit cards, installments or other credits. Currently we cannot help you with your mortgage.
How much can I refinance?
We refinance loans up to 100 000 kr per individual.
Do you run a credit check?
We always run a credit check when you apply for a loan. Regardless of how many loans you send us, we only run one (1) credit check with Upplysningscentralen (UC). This credit check is valid for 30 days, and if you are already a customer with us - for 90 days.
Can I redeem the loan early?
Of course, you can redeem the loan at any point without any extra costs.
What interest rate will I get?
The interest rate is individually specified for each customer.
Does it cost anything to send a picture?
No, applying for a balance transfer at Anyfin is free of charge.
What if I have several loans, credits or payments I want to refinance?
Send a picture for each loan, credit or payment, and we'll contact you with an offer for each loan.
What if I don’t have a monthly statement?
Ask your creditor to send an overview. This monthly statement or overview must contain your name and address, as well as the total loan amount and payment information.
How can Anyfin make my loan cheaper?
Instead of giving everybody the same terms, we offer individual interest rates based on an overall evaluation. We do this by using completely automated processes which keep our costs low. But most of all, your current creditors are probably charging more than they should.
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We are there for you

We are there for you

You can send an image of your statement by SMS, Facebook Messenger, email or our app and we will answer in the same channel. If you have any questions you can say “Hi” in the chat, or contact us by email. We always answer.